Tuesday Coffee Date

Our 2nd stop for Tuesday Coffee was in the trendy neighborhood of Getsemani.  Lots of hostels and beautiful street Art, there really isn’t a bad photo to be taken.

We came across a little hole in the wall spot called Beiyu.

We had fancy coffee and my first Colombian Acai bowl!!  I had been searching and wasn’t able to find one until now and it was every bit as good as I’d hoped! Tropical papaya, cantaloupe, banana and the sweetest pot of granola was the perfect breakfast on this hot morning.   My only suggestion would be air conditioning, but it didn’t ruin our experience.

The adventure didn’t end here today, we headed over to the Historical Museum of Cartagena.

The ground floor is dedicated to the history of the Inquisition.  To say it was a little dark would be an understatment. There were some pretty graphic details about the torture of heretics.

And just as we walked out to the most beautiful courtyard with a view of the cathedral in the background, we were greeted with these 2 beauties!

We are reminded that these beautiful places have some pretty dark periods of history.   The museum is under some renovations, but still a nice place to visit.



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