Valentines and a Few Others…

Valentine’s Day is not a Colombian holiday.  For once, we were celebrating and no one else was.  Actually, the school let the kids wear red or pink (instead of the white uniform) and had little parties.  Here is a little recap of our day:

Started out with chocolate chip and sprinkle pancakes….


Some beautiful flowers were delivered from the Florista down the street…

Brynn got to try out her heart-shaped sunglasses and had a sweet little party at school…

Needless to say, I think she enjoyed the day the most, and the extra chocolate didn’t hurt. Here are a few life lately photos to round out whats been going on around here.

We had a friends meet up on the bay to ride bikes last week and it was as close to normal cul-de-sac life as we’ve had in a while.  Kids on bikes, razors and playing tag, it was great. The 6 o’clock hour is just wonderful outside.  Everyone comes out to enjoy the breeze and get some fresh air.

Some shots from our last beach day and a solo morning walk on the bay.  I know I will remember these views long after we are gone as some of the best.

Oh, and someone else has his first loose tooth and its freaking me out.  How are you old enough to lose teeth?!? I wasn’t mentally prepared for this!


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