10 More Interesting Things…

  1.  All little girls are called Princessa’s.
  2. Colombians love to push the up AND down button when calling an elevator (Mo’s biggest pet peeve).  Then when the doors open, they ask if you are going up or down?!?
  3. You never have to flag down a cab, they honk at you as they drive by to see if you need a ride.
  4. You can pay your utility bills at the grocery store checkout, aisle 6.
  5. There are, in fact, 4 seasons in Cartagena.  Hot with wind, Hot with no wind, Hotter and Hot with rain.
  6. If you get in a car accident, you never move your car, it is an admission of guilt.  Police and insurance reps come to the scene and fault is settled on site.  It takes 3 hours.
  7. You can’t find a store that sells dish towels or picture frames anywhere nearby, but you find kids party stores and cafes on every corner. Priorities.
  8. Walking by a construction site is guaranteed to get you numerous whistles, despite your size, shape or age.
  9. Many stores carry cold weather clothes here for the women who are traveling to Bogotá.
  10. Some of the malls have toilet paper dispensers at the entrance to the bathrooms, so you grab it before you enter the stall.  Risky business.


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