An Afternoon Date

Since being here, there hasn’t been a lot of opportunity for our usual mother/son dates.  Let’s just say Logan and I have similar taste in “treats” and so when a friend offered up an afternoon at the Choco Museo – believe me, I signed us both up!

We learned about coco pods, grinding the seeds down to a paste and that they used the shells to make a chocolate tea (which is amazing, we tasted it all)  Learning was great and all, but we really wanted to get to the part where to you MAKE your own chocolate.  Also amazingly fun to add your own favorite toppings!

Between popping our fresh bonbons into our mouths and quickly getting them to the air-conditioned car, I didn’t get any pics of the finished product.  However, I can assure you they were not only tasty but beautiful.  It felt good to play tourist and have some extra special time with my fella doing something we both love.  Don’t ask me what is wrong with my chef hat either, I realize I look more like the Pope.  Obviously, I was too busy to check for wardrobe malfunctions, rookie mistake.

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