Life Lately

We are still technically “in transition” which means we are not in our apartment yet, but we have to resume all other areas of life as if we have a home base, so it’s a little crazy, like, I never want to see my suitcase ever again, or at least for a long time.  Here’s a little glimpse of our daily life…

We walk, and walk some more… to school, to the store, for exercise, for sightseeing and then some more for the hell of it.  We borrowed a stroller for the littlest one and it has been a life saver.  Every morning we drop Logan off at school and go walk the bay before it gets too hot.

We swim like we walk, everyday.  It’s the only place you don’t realize you are sweating.  And the views are pretty good too!  Except I have physical pain when my kids get too close to the edge.

We get soo excited when we get mail from home.  Letters from friends, goodies and sweet treats from the people who love us and want us to feel “normal”!  It works!  We dance around the table unwrapping everything with big goofy smiles!

We take weekend adventures to find ice cream, Mo’s favorite thing to do.  And we know ALL the good places, stand by for some mouth-watering ice cream goodness:

It is different from anything we were used to before, but we are adapting pretty well down here and hopefully we will be into our new place real soon!


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