What I Know Now – 1 Month

“Comfort is a beautiful prison.” – SJP

For the first brief seconds, I still wake up not knowing where I am.  The familiarity hasn’t set in and yet I feel little more at ease just one month under our belt.  Stumbling through some every day actions doesn’t get me quite as flustered and I think most people are forgiving of my lack of Spanish.

We took the kids to see the new Storks movie, in Spanish.. and I wondered if they would really care that they didn’t understand the jokes or every detail of the movie….and they didn’t.  They were happy to eat popcorn and be dazzled by some slapstick animation.  I know that perfect can’t get in the way of good enough.

This month we also logged in quite a few restaurant hours.  Some amazing, some sub par and some surprising new treats along the way.  You can’t expect it to taste like home, but you can expect it to be good.

With seasons that don’t change, creating a “cozy” home can go along way to making everyone feel a little more normal.  New slippers, pumpkin bread (with more bananas around here than pumpkin, I used this recipe) and the daily thunderstorms sure make everyone feel all the warm fuzzy’s around here!

Now I plan on turning up the air conditioning and making a pot of turkey chili.  Happy Fall.


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