The Walled City

Today, we took a short cab ride down to Old Town.  The walled city is truly picturesque at every turn.   Tiny streets, little squares with lots of benches, Bougainvillea dangling out of every 2nd story balcony, it is everything you wanted it to be.  Fairly quiet during the lunch hour, we didn’t feel crowded, but we definetly felt the heat.

So we did what any non-stop sweating parent with fading attitudes would do, we found a gelato bar before lunch! And it was everything we (mostly Logan, Brynn and I) wanted it to be.  They mixed the gelato right in front of you with liquid nitrogen, added your favorite topping and boom, insta happy!

Then we headed to lunch and decided to cruise atop the old City walls.  Logan couldn’t get over the history and asked 100 questions about pirates and cannons.  It is crazy to see the old and the modern so close together.   We all nearly napped on the cab ride home, but what a special first trip to the Old Town, hopefully many more to come!

Chao for now!


13 thoughts on “The Walled City

  1. I LOVE Bryn’s sunglasses!!! Tell the Loganator to get some to protect him from the SQUINT!!#😀
    This is re a ply reminding me of Panama City Old Town.

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  2. I am so glad that you mentioned your blog online. I have been wondering how you are all doing. I know that the adjustment is difficult at times. I appreciate your honesty. You are doing a wonderful job with this blog. Many, Many good thoughts and hugs all around. My Mondays especially miss you and little miss!

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    1. Thanks for taking a minute to say “Hi” – I have to tell you that listening to our MT CD’s has really helped Brynn not feel so homesick, I only wish we could still come to to class!! #helloeverybody


      1. I am so happy to hear that you are using your cd’s. Music can certainly help ground you in good vibes. Do you know how often or when you might be back to visit? Beaverton MT and I are planning an Uncle Gerry concert next year. It would be great if that could coincide with you all being here. I haven’t sent my leftover music back yet and I would be happy to send you a set if you would like. : )


      2. I know we will be back for the Christmas Holidays but not sure beyond that. An Uncle Gerry concert would be pretty sweet. We would love any music you might have, I will have to email you our address! Thank you, both the kids love it so much!


  3. Hi Meggie –
    Just started reading your blog – I love all the photos and your honesty. I can imagine how lonely you must be – hopefully you will make a few “good” friends that will keep you busy. Christmas holidays will come soon and hopefully you will stay long enough for us to get together since we really didn’t get to say “good-bye”. Miss you much – keep writing.xoxo


    1. Hi Toni – thanks for checking in on us. Don’t worry about us too much, we are not lonely, plenty of ex-pat friends to keep us busy with new activities, just adjusting to a whole new style of living. We will be in LA for a little this Christmas holiday so I will send you a text and we can get together! Tell everyone hello for me!


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